Little Victories



After you have kids, life is never the same. Things change in oh so many different ways- some changes are predictable like, “I can’t just pick up and go out when I want to” and others you would never realize until you are living it like, “I can’t just leave the news paper out on the coffee table any more”.

Eventually, as your kids grow up, some things do return to their original state. Noah and I like to refer to these as “little victories”. One example of a little victory is when you can place the toilet paper back on the dispenser because your children are no longer interested in unraveling the entire roll. Another is when you can return to taking a shower without an audience. Or, how about that moment when everyone starts sleeping through the night? Ah…the good life!!

I will start posting my “little victories” on a semi-regular basis.

I would love to hear from you about your “little victories” as well.

Keep up the great work moms and dads!!

Happy Twinning!!!


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