Friend Time


Parenting is a 24/7 job. We all need a break at some point. Never underestimate the power of getting together with your friends and just laughing.

If Your Kids Are Sick…Keep Them Home!!!!!


As I write this, I am on day 4 of Jake and Rachel’s winter break. Their break was going to be spent visiting family, friends, going to the children’s museum and a few other outings that I was considering. Instead, they are both taking a nap while fighting colds.

I should mention that the colds are a much better situation compared to the stomach virus that Rachel had the other night with vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pains and fever. I spent a full 24 hours disinfecting, doing laundry consisting of all of the sheets and clothing that became Rachel’s targets and quarantining Jake so he wouldn’t  fall victim to the same virus.

As any parent knows, having your kids get sick pretty much sucks. They feel lousy, you feel lousy. It’s just awful.

What really pisses me off though is that this was preventable. How? Let me tell you…

The week leading up to  winter break, kids in Jake and Rach’s class were being sent home everyday because they were too sick to stay in school. Just to clarify, these kids were not arriving at school healthy and then falling ill. No, they were being sent to school on a cocktail of Motrin and Tylenol, just enough to get them through the first part of the morning and then they were crashing.

Mind you, these kids are not coming from homes where both parents need to be at work, have no babysitters and have no choice but to send their kid to school and hope for the best. These are kids who have full-time nannies, so there shouldn’t even be a thought about keeping a feverish, germ spreading kid home from school.

Important to note, the school has sent home numerous emails about their “sick” policy. Apparently, no one read them or they thought it didn’t apply to their kid. Why would it? Ha!

I almost lost my sh*t when I overheard a nanny saying that her boss told her to bring his daughter to school (despite a fever) because she was crying about staying home. Um, hello, she is 3. Im sure she cries just about every time she doesn’t get what she wants and by the way, who is the freaking parent here??!! Heads up- she was sent home early that day.

Moms and dads…stop, think and do the right thing!!! Im glad your kids are feeling better now but I’m pretty pissed off that mine are not.

Happy Holidays from my germ infested house to yours.



Preschool Update


Jake and Rachel started school approximately 3 weeks ago. Here’s the update….

1-Jake is having a hard time separating from me. Has been crying during drop off. Im told it only lasts for a few minutes but as soon as I greet him at the end, the first words out of his mouth are , “I cried today”.  Needless to say, it makes me feel terrible. Not winning any mommy awards with this one.

2- Both kids got sick at the end of week two. Fevers, coughs, runny noses. They lovingly shared it with their mommy. Jake either relapsed or got a new cold at the end of last week- he had a high fever this weekend. Went to the doctor today- all seems well.

3- The school is working on toilet training with the kids- great!!! Except that apparently Rachel fell into the toilet because the seat was too big for her cute little bottom. Splash!

4- Jake vomitted during lunch last week because he shoved too much pizza into his mouth at one time. *Note- not his fault- his mommy tends to shove too much food into her mouth as well. I supposed its in his genes.

5-The kids no longer take naps because of their school schedule. By 4:00 everyday, the two sweetest kids on earth turn into raging lunatics. They whine, cry and complain until dinner. Pure joy!!


So as you can see, yes…we are loving school so far!!! It’s Awesome!! I’m choosing to find humor in all of this because otherwise I think I would just curl up into the “fetal” and cry. Anyone else having a similar start to the school year??

Cheers to a better week ahead…please!!!

Happy Twinning!!

Guess Who We Met At The Park Today…


While at the local park this morning with Jake and Rachel, we met 4 sets of twins. It was amazing!!! All of our kids were around the same age so the story swapping was endless.

It is so nice to speak with other twin parents. It makes you realize that everyone with twins has had similar crazy experiences.

Hope to see them at the park again soon!!

Keep on keeping on twin parents!!!

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