Here are a few more Twinssentials that you will definitely want to buy to make your twin life a little easier…

Aquaphor Healing Ointment I used and still use this for everything. Dry skin and lips, irritated chin from baby drool, protection for baby’s face on a cold winter day- you name it, Aquaphor can heal it. BTW- this mama swears by it to soften cuticles on her own hands. Buy the big tub to keep at home and the small tube to pop in your diaper bag to travel with.

Nosefrida Babies catch colds (often). Twin babies like to share their cold with each other (so kind of them). When your little ones have stuffy noses you can’t just hand them a tissue and say “blow”. No problem-this little gadget is amazing!! Put one end of the tube in your mouth (don’t worry, there is a filter) and the other end at the tip of your twinnies’ nostrils. Inhale gently and bye, bye stuffy nose!! Thank you Sweden!!

Pottery Barn Hooded Towels/Wraps I love these towels!!! They are soft, absorbent, wash beautifully and are beyond adorable. They are perfect to dry your babies after their bath- the towel is large enough to cover their body and has a hood to keep their little heads warm. The towels come in an array of styles, including my favorite, the gingham trim, and can be personalized. I think these towels are so terrific that they have become my “go-to” baby gift.

-Fisher Price Bouncy Seats Bouncy seats are a twin parent’s life saver. When you have two babies you absolutely need a safe place to put them down when you are cooking, cleaning, bathing one, bathing yourself or just wanting to give them a little time to play. We used our bouncy seats all of the time!!! Jake and Rachel loved them and it gave me a chance to take care of things without having to hold two babies (although you know a twin mom can do everything while holding two babies ;).

BabyBjorn Mini Brought to my attention by our fabulous founder of Twin Love Concierge, Shannon, this bouncer is a little smaller than the Fisher Price bouncy seats-perfect for newborns. How great is that?!

Happy Twinning!!!


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Jake and Rachel are going to be three this Fall (wow!). Even though three years does not sound like a lot, it is when you count up all of the products and baby gear we have used up until now.

I am frequently asked about what products I like for twins as well as what baby gear made our lives easier, especially during that first year.

Here’s a list of 5 Twinssentials…

  1. Skip Hop Duo Double Hold It All Diaper Bag  This diaper bag is a must have!! It holds everything and more (seriously, I’ve stuffed more into this bag than you can imagine). It comes with a changing pad, has two pouches to hold bottles and/or cups as well as multiple pockets both inside and outside of the bag. This bag has adjustable shoulder straps and is machine washable.
  2. Babyganics Fragrance Free Shampoo and Body Wash I love this wash!! This is a shampoo and body wash combo that is nondrying, lathers well, rinses beautifully and doesn’t irritate your little one’s eyes. The fragrance free formula is perfect for your twinnie’s delicate and sensitive skin. I love this product so much, that Jake and Rachel still use it.
  3. Keekaroo Peanut Changer This is a game changer. Two babies=too many diapers. If those first few months of your twin journey was anything like mine, then you found yourself changing diapers around the clock. The Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer is fantastic. It is portable (you can change diapers anywhere in your home), has a a fastner to ensure baby safety, doesn’t require a cover and cleans ups beautifully. Your twins keep you busy enough, this is one sure way to make your life a little easier.
  4. Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush I swear by this. I started using this on Jake and Rachel’s clothes when they were babies. This magic solution has rid their clothing of all sorts of stains ranging from pureed sweet potatoes to pasta with bolognese sauce. No need to stress over a messy meal ruining your twins’ clothes…Shout it Out!!!  (I just love that slogan :)
  5. Personalized Baby Bottle Labels A friend of mine bought these for me when Jake and Rachel were born- what a fabulous gift!!! When my kids were infants they were not drinking the same thing (different formulas) or the same amount. Having a personalized label to put on each of their bottles helped prevent bottle mix-up (which of course after multiple sleepless nights would be an easy thing to do).


So there you have it- 5 Twinssentials. Stay tuned…I will be adding to this list on a regular basis.

Hope you find this helpful.

Happy Twinning!!!


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