If Your Kids Are Sick…Keep Them Home!!!!!


As I write this, I am on day 4 of Jake and Rachel’s winter break. Their break was going to be spent visiting family, friends, going to the children’s museum and a few other outings that I was considering. Instead, they are both taking a nap while fighting colds.

I should mention that the colds are a much better situation compared to the stomach virus that Rachel had the other night with vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pains and fever. I spent a full 24 hours disinfecting, doing laundry consisting of all of the sheets and clothing that became Rachel’s targets and quarantining Jake so he wouldn’t  fall victim to the same virus.

As any parent knows, having your kids get sick pretty much sucks. They feel lousy, you feel lousy. It’s just awful.

What really pisses me off though is that this was preventable. How? Let me tell you…

The week leading up to  winter break, kids in Jake and Rach’s class were being sent home everyday because they were too sick to stay in school. Just to clarify, these kids were not arriving at school healthy and then falling ill. No, they were being sent to school on a cocktail of Motrin and Tylenol, just enough to get them through the first part of the morning and then they were crashing.

Mind you, these kids are not coming from homes where both parents need to be at work, have no babysitters and have no choice but to send their kid to school and hope for the best. These are kids who have full-time nannies, so there shouldn’t even be a thought about keeping a feverish, germ spreading kid home from school.

Important to note, the school has sent home numerous emails about their “sick” policy. Apparently, no one read them or they thought it didn’t apply to their kid. Why would it? Ha!

I almost lost my sh*t when I overheard a nanny saying that her boss told her to bring his daughter to school (despite a fever) because she was crying about staying home. Um, hello, she is 3. Im sure she cries just about every time she doesn’t get what she wants and by the way, who is the freaking parent here??!! Heads up- she was sent home early that day.

Moms and dads…stop, think and do the right thing!!! Im glad your kids are feeling better now but I’m pretty pissed off that mine are not.

Happy Holidays from my germ infested house to yours.



Turkeys X 2




This Thanksgiving was a great one! We got to spend it with Noah’s cousins who have 9 year old boy/girl twins, Alex and Mia.

Jake and Rachel absolutely love and adore their big cousins and had a blast spending time with them. For me, it was an amazing look into the future. What would my kids be like when they are 9? While I know that all kids are different, here are some of my thoughts and observations…

1- Your twins will have their own identities. I think people believe that twins (even when they are not identical) always have the same likes and dislikes. This could not be any further from the truth. My kids already gravitate towards different toys and books- who knows what will be 6 years from now?

2- Your twins will have their own group of friends. While they might have some friends in common, your twins will most likely have friends separate from one another.

3- Your twins will have their own style. Trendy? Sporty? It’s all good!

4-Your twins will excel at different things. One might be great at sports, the other an amazing artist.

5- Your twins will always share an unbreakable bond. They might not always agree with each other and get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s back.

Big thanks to Alex and Mia for the preview!! We love you!!


Happy Twinning!!! Happy Holidays!!


Do You Dress Your Twins Alike?

Dressing twins alike…YAY or NAY??!

Having a boy and girl, I never had to think about this one, though I will say that from time to time, I do color coordinate them.

There are some people that think it is adorable to dress their twins alike, and there are others who deliberately don’t dress them alike because they really want each twin to feel like their own person.

What do you think?

Either way- enjoy it!! Before you know it, they won’t let you dress them at all!

Happy Twinning!!!


Just One of Those Mornings…


I am very fortunate to have a job that I love. I am also very fortunate to be able to stay home full-time with Jake and Rachel. My work schedule is flexible. It requires some juggling because the kids have their own schedule, but I make it work.

Here’s how I do it…I teach Expecting Twins classes on evenings and weekends, schedule conference calls during nap time, and blog/social media early in the morning, during nap time or after the kids go to sleep at night. This seems to work well overall but there are certainly times when my work schedule does not fold up neatly into a pretty package.

Today was an example of that.

I had a meeting scheduled this morning. I let Jake and Rachel know that they would be having a playdate with their friend (her babysitter was going to be there) while I was at my meeting. I told them that we needed to be dressed and ready to go at a certain time (no, they can’t tell time yet). I thought preparing them was a going to help make things run smoothly….WRONG!!!!

I swear they took every opportunity to make our morning a sh*t show.

It started with them fighting over who got dressed first (a running theme in our house these days). Then Jake pooped (in his diaper) and I told him I wanted to change him- he refused. I told him several times but he kept refusing.  At that point I threw my hands up and decided to take a shower- foolish mommy. As soon as I had one foot in the shower, guess who decided that he could no longer wait to be changed?!! Typical.

Next, breakfast. They asked for their usual, Jake-waffles, Rachel-cereal. I made it for them but of course this morning after I put their food on the table, they decided they wanted something different. Holy crap!!! Is this seriously happening right now?!! We need to leave in 30 minutes!! I finally convinced them to eat what I had prepared for them-PHEW.

Off I went to the bathroom to do my makeup and my hair. I heard them running around in the living room so I came back out. Literally, at that moment they collided into each other, both kids fell on the floor and started crying. F#@k!!!  We need to leave soon!!!

After calming both of them down, they finished breakfast, I finished getting dressed and out the door we went. I dropped them off at their friend’s place and was somehow able to get to my meeting on time (though a little sweaty).

Yes, today was just one of those mornings. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will be better…because it has to be!!!


Happy Twinning!!!




Twinsane Tuesday

I started this blog so that I could let out all my thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. of being a parent of twins. I am excited to add Twinsane Tuesday to my blog so that you can have the same opportunity.

Yes, we are all very lucky to have twins but lets get real…every moment is not enjoyable.

Every Tuesday I will write up a post related to the ‘truth” about having twins. I invite you to honestly share your thoughts and experiences. It really does help to know that others are feeling the same way or going through the same thing.

So here goes…Welcome to Twinsane Tuesday!!!!!

First question- What has been one of the most frustrating things for you while raising your twins??

For me it is definitely my inability to get everything done that I need to or want to. I often feel frustrated that there are so many things to take care of but I simply don’t have the time to do them because I am busy with the kids. I’m working on being more efficient but I’m also trying to accept the fact that for now, this is my reality. How about you?

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Happy Twinsane Tuesday!!

Jen XO

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Crappy Nappy…Mommy Is Not Happy

I was always told that when twins share a room they somehow learn to tune each other out if one wakes up in the middle of the night crying.

Jake and Rachel share a room and they have learned how to do just that. There have been several times when one of them wakes up crying and screaming at the top of their lungs while the other one continues to sleep, blissfully unaware as to what is going on. What a gift!!

Jake and Rachel were sleep trained at 4 months. Within 3 nights they were sleeping straight through. It was, by far, one of the best decisions that Noah and I made in regard to raising our kids. They woke up happy and rested; we woke up happy and rested (well, as rested as parents of twins can be).

While we were able to get a handle on their night sleep, somehow, their napping was (and still continues to be) difficult.  Unlike at night, they can’t seem to tune each other out during their naps.

Most parents look forward to nap time. It is their time to clean up, take a shower, make a phone call or just sit and relax. For me, nap time brings on heart palpitations and knots in my stomach.

My kids take one nap per day. They go into their cribs without a fuss. Rachel falls asleep immediately, Jake talks for a few minutes and then falls asleep. Sounds easy and nice right? Why should I be anxious? Here’s why…

On a “great” day, both kids nap in their cribs for approximatey 2 hours. They wake up super happy and are ready to play. I said “great” day, I should have also said “rare occasion”- maybe once every two weeks. Those days are the best.

On a “good” day within 30-45 minutes of falling asleep, Rachel wakes up crying. I race into their room to grab her out so that she doesn’t wake up Jake. I then bring her into the living room where she falls asleep on the couch while Jake continues taking his nap without interruption. On a “good” day, they will both sleep for at least 1 hour and 45 minutes.  They wake up in good moods and are ready to go. This usually occurs 2-3 times per week.

On a “bad” day (which unfortunately seems to be happening too often lately) Rachel wakes up 30-45 after falling asleep. She cries, I run to get her but Jake has been woken up and he is PISSED!!!! He is screaming and crying. The poor guy is so tired and so mad. I take him out of his crib (I have tried to let him cry it out but it doesn’t seem to work with naps) he is inconsolable and delirious. He starts barking orders that contradict each other, “Pick me up”, “No, put me down”, “Pick me up”, etc. He’s exhausted and angry- by this time, so am I. Rachel sits back and watches the whole thing unfold- does she realize that she is the cause of this?? This post-nap “fun” continues for approximately an hour. Ultimately something snaps him out of it and he is then calm and ready to proceed with the day. I am left frazzled.

I wish nap time was easier because they both really need to rest during the day. I have thought about separating them for naps- one of them in their bedroom, the other in mine. The problem is neither one will sleep in a pack-n-play so that option is out. Yes- this is where the thought of a house over an apartment creeps into my mind.

For now I am just doing my best to handle our less than ideal nap situation. Btw- I’m writing this during nap time. It’s been about 30 minutes….hello heart palpitations and stomach knots.  Gotta go grab Rachey. UGH!!!!

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Playground Rules…Do They Exist??

To the nanny in the playground who accused me of “babysititng” another nanny…this one’s for you!!

Like most young children, Jake and Rachel love the playground.  We are fortunate to have one right behind our building so needless to say, we are there every day.

This playground is perfect for my kids. It is small, covered by an awning and has only age appropriate equipment. It is a playground meant for young kids.

We have been going for months and almost everyday I am amazed at what I see or don’t see. Here are my observations up to now…

1- Please watch your kid. I understand that there are distractions at the playground. We all like to socialize with other parents/caregivers. However, you are responsible for your own child. Keep an eye on them.

2-Please don’t make me discipline your child. This makes me nuts. If your kid hits, pushes, grabs stuff from my kids or just basically does something nasty, I am going to intervene. I understand that young kids are first learning how to behave appropriately around other kids but I am not going to sit by and watch my kids get hurt. If your kid hurts my kids and you say nothing to your kid (which really is your responsibility) then I am going to.

3- Get off your phone. Enough said.

4- If you didn’t bring it to the playground then it is not yours to take home. We have lost shovels, buckets and balls from the playground. I understand that kids like to play with other kid’s toys. My kids do too. However, please have your child return the toys that are not theirs to their rightful owners. It teaches them about “sharing” and “taking turns” and prevents me from getting annoyed that I have to go back to the store and replace my kids’ missing stuff.

5- If your child is big enough to climb onto the top of the playground equipment then they probably belong in another playground. As I said before, the playground we go to is meant for young children. I often see older children playing there. Their parents are not watching them because let’s face it, they are not concerned that their kids will get hurt in a playground meant for little kids. That said, myself and all of the other parents/caregivers (whose kids should be there) are having to stay on top of our kids to prevent them from getting trampled by the big kids running, climbing and jumping off the equipment.

6- If your young child falls off the equipment please don’t yell at them for playing on something that maybe they should not have been. Again, you are the parent/caregiver- watch your kid!!!

7- Please close the gate when you leave. I will say for the most part, the gate is kept closed, however, there have been a few occasions when a parent/caregiver are leaving the playground while continuing to speak with someone still in the playground. They keep the gate open until their conversation is finished. That would be fine except for the fact that when some kids see and open gate, they make a run for it- leaving their parents/caregivers to chase them down.

8- If your child is in the playground then you need to be too. No, it is not ok for you to sit on the picnic benches outside the playground while your child is inside playing.

9- The playground is a public space, your child does not own the equipment. I know your little one might really like something specific in the playground but he/she does not own it and needs to move over so the other kids can enjoy it too. It’s up to you to assist with this.

10- If you are trying to get your child’s attention go over to them instead of screaming their names fifty times. I hear you, my kids hear you but for some reason your little one doesn’t. Why not stand up and go to them instead of screaming at the top of your lungs?

So yes, the playground has been an eye opening experience.

Back to the nanny at the playground…

I was at the park with Jake and Rachel. There was a child on the slide who hurt himself. I’d say he was probably 3 years old. He started crying. I looked around and saw no adult. I asked him if he was ok but he kept crying. Another mother came over and asked him if he was ok- he kept crying. We looked up to see who he was with and sure enough there was his nanny on the phone. She finally heard him, walked over to him (while still on the phone), brought him to a bench and gave him water (still on the phone) and then let him calm himself down (still on the phone). He eventually got up and started playing again. She was still on the phone.

After that, I couldn’t help but continue to look up at her to see if she was still on the phone. Guess what?…she was. Another nanny saw me doing this and said to the “phone” nanny, ” You have someone babysitting you. She keeps looking at you while you’re on the phone.”  She repeated it several times. She had attitude in her voice and was loud enough to make certain that I heard her. Can we say passive aggressive?  “Phone” nanny didn’t seem to care and kept right on talking. We were at the park for an hour- she was on the phone the entire time.

I do realize that it’s not my business if this nanny chooses to spend her day on the phone. It did become my business though,when a little boy got hurt and no one was around to comfort him except for me.

So yes nanny from the playground, I was babysitting “phone” nanny. Instead of alerting her that someone was watching, perhaps you could have suggested that she put down the phone and pay attention to the child she was with?? Wasn’t that really the issue at hand??

Ah…just another day in the playground.

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