Packing Checklist For Twins


With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, I started making my checklist of what I will need to pack for my twins for the few days that we will be away.

The idea of packing for your little ones can be overwhelming, especially if you are a new mom or dad. For that reason, I have put together a list of all of the basic items you will want to pack and bring with you. Ah…one less thing to be stressed out about.

Travel Checklist

  • Diapers (day/overnight)
  • Wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Bath Soap
  • Lotion (after bath)
  • Extra Clothing (at least two outfits per day per child)
  • Pajamas
  • Bottles
  • Breast Pump/Accessories (if nursing and/or pumping)
  • Formula (if your babies are formula fed)
  • Burp Cloths
  • Toys/Books
  • Pacifiers
  • Thermometer
  • Medicine (if needed or incase your little ones have a fever)
  • Bibs
  • Activity Mat
  • Plastic Bags (for dirty clothes)

I have not included baby gear such as strollers, car seats, etc. as that will be specific to the type of traveling you are doing.

Yes, there is a lot to pack when you travel with your twins. This list will definitely help.

PS..The good news is, as they get older, the list will become shorter.



Happy Vom Kippur (you read it correctly)

Two weeks ago was Yom Kippur- the holiest day for the Jewish religion. It is a day to atone for all of your wrong doings. You are supposed to fast for 25 hours to “afflict the soul”.

We were invited to Noah’s cousin’s house in Westchester to break the fast. Everyone has young children so instead of waiting the full day to eat- our fast was ending at 11:00 am. I don’t fast so this plan was fine with me.

Over the past few months, Jake has been getting car sick. It started on a trip out to visit my mom in Long Island. He was cranky in the car- which was not typical- and sure enough about 50 minutes into the car ride, he vomitted. I thought that he might have ate something that didn’t agree with him and just chalked it up to a one time situation.

Unfortunately it continued to happen on a somewhat regular basis in car rides over 50 minutes. If he slept he was ok but if he was awake, it was not a good situation. Poor Jakey.

I’m not sure if you have had the experience of your child vomitting in the car. If you have, then you fully get this. If you have not, then allow me to describe it for you.  The obvious thing to point out is the smell (ugh) followed by the mess. It gets everywhere- all over your child, allover their car seat, in between the car seat and actual seat of the car and into every little groove possible. You do your best to clean everything but somehow a little always lingers and every time you go into your car you are reminded of what happened in the previous car ride. Lovely.

We now have to “prep” before car rides. We monitor what Jake eats. No dairy, mostly carbs. He rides in the car with a bib on hoping to spare him, his car seat and the actual car of the mess. We carry a “vom” emergency kit consisting of paper towels, plastic bags and a change of clothes. Also, as you can imagine, Noah and I now get so stressed out before/during car rides.  We keep watching him, waiting for that moment when we think its going to happen. Not fun for anyone.

After seeing Jake wear his bib in the car Rachel started asking to wear hers as well. She obviously had no clue why he was wearing it but she wanted what he had. We obliged and started to let her wear her bib too (best decision). Read on…

So the other week we were headed to Westchester to “break the fast” (eat brunch :) Fortunately, Jake fell asleep for the whole ride there and kept down his breakfast.  We were very relieved. We spent a few hours at Noah’s cousin’s house and then headed home.

Both Jake and Rachel were wearing their bibs and fell asleep in about 20 minutes. Phew! Or so I thought…

Within 30 minutes of the car ride Rachel woke up and without any warning, vomitted up her entire lunch. WTF??? She is not the one who gets car sick. Noah was driving so I flipped around in my seat to hold out her bib to catch all of it. I told Noah that we needed to pull over so I could dump out the bib and clean her up.  We got off the highway and I did my best to “de-vom” her (thank goodness for paper towels and wipes). This of course woke Jake up- oh no.

We got back on the highway. Rachel fell asleep and now Jake started whining that he wanted to get out of his car seat- SHIT- this is not going to end well. Within a few minutes he started crying and then BAM-vomitville. Oh man!!! I was now turned around holding his bib open to catch everything. I attempted to crawl into the back seat while still holding onto his bib. Unfortunately for me, some of the “vom” spilled onto the seat of the car right as I was sitting down- lovely. I took Jake’s bib off. Stuck it in a  plastic bag, wiped him up and we continued on our way.

We finally arrived home. I have never been so happy to get out of the car. The kids were fine (although smelly).  Noah and I were traumatized (and smelly too).

Yup, we keep things pretty exciting here, even on Yom Kippur-the day of atonement when you are supposed to fast to “afflict your soul”. Should I read into this one?? 😉




City Mice Go To The Country (actually it was the beach)

We have been home from vacation for a week. I am still thinking back on it with fond memories and thinking about how happy my kids were.

We live in an apartment in Brooklyn. My kids don’t know any other type of living. After a week at the beach it was clear that they are definitely city kids. Here’s how I know….

– Playing on the steps inside the house became more fun than going to the park.

– Collecting sticks and rocks became a hobby. (Yes, we have sticks and rocks in Brooklyn but having a yard full of them was something special).

– They looked confused when we told them we needed to go in the car to make a Starbucks run.

– The regular appearance of bunnies on the lawn became so exciting that you would have thought they were on safari.

–  They weren’t sure what to make of riding in a shopping cart at the grocery store. They are used to sitting in their stroller with groceries piling up in their lap.

– The crickets at night kept them up. (Where were the soothing sounds of the BQE?).

– When we ate outside, Jakey said, “Smell, Smell.” “Yes Jakey, that is the smell of the ocean, not bus exhaust.”

– They were surprised that our car was waiting for us in the driveway instead of having to go to the garage to get it.

– They were clearly so excited to have an empty backyard. They are used to sharing theirs with eight million other people.


See you next year Cutchogue!!!