Sleep Training


Shhh…Twins Sleeping. When my twins were 4 months old, we hired a sleep consultant because those two were having a hard time with naps/night sleep. Within 3 days, they were sleeping through the night. Complete game changer!!! At what age did your babies start sleeping through the night?

Crappy Nappy…Mommy Is Not Happy

I was always told that when twins share a room they somehow learn to tune each other out if one wakes up in the middle of the night crying.

Jake and Rachel share a room and they have learned how to do just that. There have been several times when one of them wakes up crying and screaming at the top of their lungs while the other one continues to sleep, blissfully unaware as to what is going on. What a gift!!

Jake and Rachel were sleep trained at 4 months. Within 3 nights they were sleeping straight through. It was, by far, one of the best decisions that Noah and I made in regard to raising our kids. They woke up happy and rested; we woke up happy and rested (well, as rested as parents of twins can be).

While we were able to get a handle on their night sleep, somehow, their napping was (and still continues to be) difficult.  Unlike at night, they can’t seem to tune each other out during their naps.

Most parents look forward to nap time. It is their time to clean up, take a shower, make a phone call or just sit and relax. For me, nap time brings on heart palpitations and knots in my stomach.

My kids take one nap per day. They go into their cribs without a fuss. Rachel falls asleep immediately, Jake talks for a few minutes and then falls asleep. Sounds easy and nice right? Why should I be anxious? Here’s why…

On a “great” day, both kids nap in their cribs for approximatey 2 hours. They wake up super happy and are ready to play. I said “great” day, I should have also said “rare occasion”- maybe once every two weeks. Those days are the best.

On a “good” day within 30-45 minutes of falling asleep, Rachel wakes up crying. I race into their room to grab her out so that she doesn’t wake up Jake. I then bring her into the living room where she falls asleep on the couch while Jake continues taking his nap without interruption. On a “good” day, they will both sleep for at least 1 hour and 45 minutes.  They wake up in good moods and are ready to go. This usually occurs 2-3 times per week.

On a “bad” day (which unfortunately seems to be happening too often lately) Rachel wakes up 30-45 after falling asleep. She cries, I run to get her but Jake has been woken up and he is PISSED!!!! He is screaming and crying. The poor guy is so tired and so mad. I take him out of his crib (I have tried to let him cry it out but it doesn’t seem to work with naps) he is inconsolable and delirious. He starts barking orders that contradict each other, “Pick me up”, “No, put me down”, “Pick me up”, etc. He’s exhausted and angry- by this time, so am I. Rachel sits back and watches the whole thing unfold- does she realize that she is the cause of this?? This post-nap “fun” continues for approximately an hour. Ultimately something snaps him out of it and he is then calm and ready to proceed with the day. I am left frazzled.

I wish nap time was easier because they both really need to rest during the day. I have thought about separating them for naps- one of them in their bedroom, the other in mine. The problem is neither one will sleep in a pack-n-play so that option is out. Yes- this is where the thought of a house over an apartment creeps into my mind.

For now I am just doing my best to handle our less than ideal nap situation. Btw- I’m writing this during nap time. It’s been about 30 minutes….hello heart palpitations and stomach knots.  Gotta go grab Rachey. UGH!!!!

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