What A Bunch Of Suckers!!


To use the pacifier or not….

Jake and Rachel never took to a pacifier. We offered it to them, especially during those inconsolable moments, but they were never really all that interested. Of course now, I am very grateful for that.

A pacifier is very soothing and comforting to a lot of kids. That is great, except how do you get rid of something so soothing and comforting?

There are several methods that people use:

-Cold Turkey

-Make it Taste Bad

-Gradually Phase it Out

-“Accidentally” Lose It

-Pacifier Fairy

Lots to choose from. One method that I like and have used with families over the years is weaning the child off the pacifier by popping a hole in the tip of the pacifier. By doing so, the suction is decreased therefore, the pacifier is no longer providing the same comfort it once did. Here is how to do it…

Pop one small hole (the size of a pin) into the pacifier. Your child will notice something is odd at first but they most likely will continue using it.

Pop another hole in it. Now your child is noticing something is definitely different but can’t figure out what it is.

Pop another hole in it. Ok, the gig is up. Your child will probably be mad, sad, etc but the pacifier will no longer serve the same purpose and thy most likely will not want it any more.

Remember, it does take some time but stay strong and stick with it!!

Bye Bye suckers!!!