The Beginning…

It is no great secret how I have twins. I had IUI. 7 rounds of IUI. 3 naturally (no meds), 3 with pills and then 1 with injections- BINGO!!

I got pregnant on my 40th birthday (greatest bday present ever). I had been so discouraged because of my previous attempts that I naturally assumed #7 was not going to work as well.

I remember getting ready to go to work one morning (a few weeks after round 7) and started to complain to my husband that I felt really fat and that my clothes felt tight. This was not an unusual thing for me to say on any given day so my husband knew well enough to leave it alone. He gave me a kiss, told me I looked great and off to work he went.

I’m not sure why but something prompted me to take a pregnancy test when he left. I was not optimistic based on my past experiences but hey…why not take it??

Within a few minutes of taking the test that beautiful pink line appeared…OMG!!!! I was in shock-the happiest state of shock that a person can be in.

I called my husband on his cell hoping I could catch him before he got on the subway.  He picked up and I asked him if he could come back home because I needed to speak with him about something. He didn’t ask what or why- instead he said he would be home in a few minutes. What a guy!!

He walked into our apartment and I immediately showed him the pregnancy test. A huge smile appeared on his face as he joined me in a state of “happy shock”.

I called the doctor and they told me to come in for a blood test.

My initial blood work came back and yes indeed, I was pregnant. I was told that my hormone levels were high. I was thrilled because I thought that meant that it was a healthy start to my pregnancy. I remember the nurse saying, “No Jen, your levels are REALLY HIGH. There might be more than one in there.” What???

At my first sonogram we were able to see two sacs. We were giddy but the doctor said that we shouldn’t tell anyone we were having twins yet because a lot could change over the next few weeks. Sonogram two showed two sacs again but now they were bigger. By the third sonogram our doctor said, “Congratulations you are having twins!”

With that confirmation our journey into becoming parents of twins began. Our lives were about to change in ways we couldn’t even imagine.