Today, in Brazil, we have the second largest poker tournament in the world

GMB – I would like your analysis on the current
moment of poker in Brazil, especially after the BgC was held, in which several
possibilities were discussed for the approval of a broad law for gambling in
the country and poker has also been the focus of attention.
Igor Federal
– The
congress once again proved to be important to poker. A few years ago we had a
strong position on the importance of poker, but there is no immediate and
effective outcome from a congress. Nor is this expected. The congress came to
create the culture of the gaming industry in Brazil, offering the country
serious and consistent information about the industry, presenting the best
practices around the world where gambling is regulated, showing the size of the
market, whether in the casinos segment, bingos, online games and so on.
This has to be clear and how much the industry can bring of entertainment,
tourism and taxes. There is no congress to conquer a law the next day. The
congress aims to build the national consensus. Within this context, poker is
the only game that has managed to establish itself as a legal activity in
Brazil. Therefore we collaborate with the other activities to understand the
real benefits that the regulation can offer the country.

Has the congress succeeded in pointing
all this to society?
In summation of the congress and the effort of the whole industry, this
message has been passed on to opinion makers and legislators. Unfortunately the
country is going through a serious political crisis, which makes progress
difficult, but soon we can celebrate this achievement.

Now talking about a new BSOP step, what
assessment do you make about the number of subscribers and the size of this
In quantitative terms, it was a significant growth, as we are also
experiencing an economic crisis and had 10% more, which shows the strength of
poker. Analyzing the stage, we had more than 1,500 players in the main event
and adding all of them, we reached more than 4 thousand subscribers. Our event
is a giant for the history of poker in the country.

We will soon have the stage of Foz do
Iguaçu, which will mark the 100th edition of BSOP. How is everything organized?
The Foz de Iguaçu stage will be a milestone. It will be number 100, over 12
years of much struggle. We are very pleased with this and we are proud to be
the second largest poker tournament in the world in terms of field and the
largest in the southern hemisphere, which demonstrates how much Brazil is a
force in the activity. It is a reason for celebration. For this, we are materializing
all these achievements in the event of Foz de Iguaçu, when we will make a table
for the previous 99 champions, who will participate in the Free Roll, in which
they will not pay registration and will receive prizes offered by our sponsors,
such as Poker Stars.

In other words, BSOP consolidated poker
in Brazil even more.
That’s right … We brought to the professional table a Brazilian passion
that was restricted to few people or to players online. The BSOP will celebrate
this breakthrough that poker has achieved in the country.

Sao Paulo will soon host the Circuit
Brazil of the WSOP. What assessment do you make of this, even if it is not an
event organized under your coordination?
It is extremely positive. The organizers are my personal friends and more
than the corporate issues, this represents the arrival of a great world
tournament to Brazil. It always generates satisfaction when we see Brazil
attracting world events. I have collaborated in some aspects to make the event
a success and show the strength of the Brazilian market.

Source: GMB Exclusive

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