$330 million refurbishment set to transform Adelaide casino into luxury venue

The owner of Adelaide Casino and the State Government have struck a deal that reportedly makes entering the resort’s high-roller rooms much easier, according to Australian press, The Advertiser.

Wing of fortune
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The report also reveals details of gaming concessions for VIPs at the casino, as secured by SkyCity Entertainment, which on Wednesday announced its loyalty to a $330 million casino renovation.

What’s changed?

Among the details is news of amended VIP rules, which come into effect right away. One such new rule is that the maximum annual spend for casino-goers to qualify for the resort’s high-stakes premium gaming rooms has been cut to just $8,000, down from $12,000 per year.

Premium members will also be able to wager without cash and play with unlimited maximum bets. Furthermore, the maximum number of guests that can be invited by premium gaming members into VIP rooms has risen from one guest to four.

SkyCity Entertainment has also been quoted as saying that it will “be given discretion to invite up to 1,000 prospective customers to quality for premium gaming.”

Reactions to the rules

The Independent Gambling Authority has approved these new rules, but they have allegedly made Nick Xenophon, a senator for South Australia. He reportedly thinks that the changes will make it more simple for regular casino-goers to access VIP gaming rooms. However, a spokesperson for the Australian government has said that these new rules and concessions have been implemented to help Adelaide Casino to compete with international resorts.

According to The Advertiser, Xenophon is was reported as saying: “These changes will add fuel to the fire of problem gambling addiction in this state. It also makes a mockery of high-rollers, so many battlers will be caught up in these changes.”

But the government spokesperson said: “[We have] been very clear with the Adelaide Casino that they must have systems in place to identify and prevent problem gamblers from accessing premium gaming areas.”

As such, no change will be made to the fact the casino sends $300,000 per year to the Gambler’s Rehabilitation Fund. Luke Walker, general manager of Adelaide Casino, has reportedly noted that the resort did not say that it wouldn’t go ahead with the upgrade without the new concessions in place.

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