About Me

I am the mom to beautiful twins- Jake and Rachel. They put a huge smile on my face every day.  But, at some point every day, they also make me want to pull my hair out.

Being the parent of twins is a completely unique experience.  Some of it I was prepared for — most of it I was not. I look back at the first few months — the insanity of it all.  NOW I can look back and laugh.  Back then, laughter did not seem like an option.

Prior to becoming a mom, I was a therapist, working with young kids who had special needs.  I thought all of my experience would pay off. I thought being a mother would come easily.  I was going to “rock” motherhood. Boy, was I wrong.

My husband went to work every day, and I was home alone with my babies.  I felt so overwhelmed. I remember wishing I had someone else to turn to who was going through the same experience as me. Someone to tell me that all of my feelings were normal, help me see the humor in all of it and above all, validate the fact that this sh*t is hard!!!

At this point, I am happy to say that we have more good days than bad. Still, there are those moments every so often that take me back to the very beginning.

Goingtwinsane is the place where I let it all out. Follow me as I go through all of the ups, downs and everything in between of being a parent of twins.